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The Canadian penny was discontinued on February 4th, 2013.  To celebrate the Penny, get a free WordPress theme.

The free WordPress theme comes in 6 widths: 1000 pixels, 900 pixels, 850 pixels, 800 pixels, 700 pixels, and 600 pixels.

"No More Pennies Canada" Free WordPress Themes come in six widths and up to eleven layouts in the wider widths.

The “No More Pennies Canada” Free WordPress Theme comes in six widths and up to eleven layouts per width.

Each width includes a variety of layouts, both 1, 2 and 3-columns, except the 600-pixel width, which comes in 1 and 2-columns only.

This free WordPress theme features copper-colored highlights, a sheer sliding fabric effect, and a 3-dimensional penny.

View a full-size (print-screen) theme preview.

To use this Theme:

[1] Click on a download link below, and download the self-executing rar file to your desktop.

[2] Click on the rar file, and it will automatically open. Inside, you will find a selection of zip files. Those are your free WordPress themes. (Don’t open the zips unless you know what you’re doing!)

[3] Upload each individual zip file to your WordPress Themes Manager (“Appearance” tab in the left sidebar) inside your WordPress Dashboard.

[4] Preview your themes, and activate the one you like.

A penny for your thoughts, and happy blogging!


(These themes are hosted in MediaFire, which is virus-free.)

1000 pixels wide: Download now.

900 pixels wide: Download now

850 pixels wide: Download now.

800 pixels wide: Download now.

700 pixels wide: download now.

600 pixels wide: Download now.

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